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We’re all different and have our own hormonal (im)balances. Thanks to our “Menstruation quiz” you can have personalized recommendations given to you based on what your profile suggests.

BALANCE- what symptoms does it support?

BALANCE is our base formula for hormonal balance, it relieves PMS symptoms like mood swings, bloating, food cravings and concentration problems. Premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, depressive moods/sadness, bloating, breast pain, food cravings, migraines

This formula has the best medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals that are important for female hormonal balance. Discomfort before and during your period eases up and your cycle is harmonized in the long term.

100% natural, made in France, vegan


Vitex: THE medicinal plant for hormone regulation. Vitex helps relieve breast tenderness before your period and helps irregular cycles. It’s a natural mood enhancer and stabilizer. It is also efficient against depressive moods, helps regulate sleep and relieves period pains.

Rhodiola rosea: This plant is an adaptogen, i.e. it works to support the increase of one's mental and physical well-being, stimulates concentration and stress resistance, fights exhaustion and also helps to get a full regenerative sleep. 

Black Cohosh: Hormone regulator, anxiolytic, relaxes the body and mind, fights headaches and bloating, promotes sleep and helps with painful menstrual bleeding. It is also used widely for menopause. 

Ginkgo Biloba: Contains powerful antioxidants, reduces anxiety, lifts mental performance and concentration, relieves swollen, painful breasts before your period.

Magnesium & Vitamin B6: This powerful duo helps reduce PMS symptoms and helps reduce inflammation in the body. It helps reduce bloating, exhaustion and stress. It also reduces spotting (light bleeding that happens outside of menstruation) and food cravings. Women who are taking the pill or have just come off of it tend to show a significant deficiency of these nutrients, and therefore it is recommended to take those after quitting the pill. 


1 dose = 1 cycle of 2 capsules per day

We recommend an intake length of at least 2 cycles, and ideally 3 cycles, so that the full long term effects of all the ingredients can be achieved.



For: Hormonal acne & Hair loss

The CLEAR formula is rich with the most effective herbs and minerals that will detox the body & the liver from the inside and outside and can bring your hormones in sync. Your skin will be clear and clean, your cycle related acne will be a distant memory. Even the symptoms of hyper-androgenism & PCOS (hair loss, cysts, increased facial hair growth) can be regulated.


Turmeric: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial herb that is used widely against acne. Helps with inflammation symptoms: breast tenderness, headache and period pain. It regulates digestion and helps lower cholesterol.

Zinc: Antioxidative mineral that is well known for supporting hormonal issues. It helps fight acne and its related hormonal causes.

Nettle root and leaves: Regulate hyper-androgenism and it’s symptoms: works against hair loss, acne and hirsutism, it’s antioxidative, remineralizing and anti-inflammatory. Helps to reduce physical and mental exhaustion, as well as water retention.

Rosemary: dexotes, supports the function of liver and kidneys, removes toxins and endocrine contaminants from the body and promotes digestion. Known for restorative qualities and helps with exhaustion. It also helps with regulating menstruation.

Burdock: Rids the skin, the kidneys and the intestine of waste, it’s antioxidative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, supports detox and helps with impurities, acne and skin infections.


1 dose = 60 capsules = 2 capsules per day for 1 cycle

We recommend an intake of at least 2 cycle, and ideallys 3 cycles, for long term effects. 


FLOW- Tea infusion for strong and painful periods

Our recommendation for painful periods, heavy blood flow, irregular cycles and digestion issues. With all the symptoms that our period entails, it can often make your monthly bleeding a complicated time of your cycle. We’ve created a soothing herbal tea with a refreshing taste and a pretty red color. The formula is rich with age-old medicinal plants that are known for their calming and regulating effects on your menstrual cycle. Period pain is eased, your cycle is regulated and your digestion and metabolism is stimulated. Thanks to the natural pain relief properties of the herbs it contains, it can also help make living with endometriosis easier.

100% natural, made in France, vegan


Yarrow: an anti-inflammatory herb and known for its effectiveness against period pain. It regulates heavy periods, helps regulate and/or clear up irregular periods, reduces stomach cramps and bloating and helps digestion.

Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla): Known for its effect on female balance and pain relieving properties.  It helps regulate bleeding flow, ease abdominal pain and supports a healthy digestion. It’s anti-diarrheal and antihemorrhagic.

Raspberry leaves: Has been used for centuries to support menstruation. A natural pain reliever. Helps ease period pain and cramps. It also helps regulating spotting between your cycles.

Hibiscus: A natural antioxidant and a vitamin-C bomb. It promotes digestion, helps to regulate hormones and supports stomach issues and intestinal cramps, it’s also a diuretic and helps reduce bloating and water retention.

Angelica: helps regulate and trigger late periods. It’s an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, eases menstruation pains and reduces stress, depression and exhaustion.

Sage: regulates and helps trigger irregular/late periods, lowers blood sugar, antiperspirant and anti-fatigue.

Peppermint: eases nausea, migraines and bloating, its antispasmodic and helps with cramps related to digestion and menstrual pains.


1 package = 100g. 2 cups a day

By moderate ailments or in combination with Balance, drink two infusions of the tea a day one week BEFORE and DURING your period.

With severe symptoms or with very irregular cycles, drink 1 continuous infusion a day.


Not suitable for pregnant women, nursing women, women with MAP, women with a personal or familial predisposition to hormonal related cancers or women who are undergoing medical treatment. Only suitable for use by adults.